Navigating Uncertainty: How do PE Teachers Respond to Competing Institutional Pressures?

Little is known about how organizational members, in this case PE teachers, respond to the particularities of certain institutional pressures. Such knowledge is needed to unfold the discussion on how external expectations are managed by PE teachers who in turn makes internal adaptions that creates organizational principles. Insights as such may ultimately help shed new light on the origin of unintended consequences arising from policy transformation. This study can offer important insight into how both current and future policies are modulated based on contemporary societal discourses. This study aims to explore how PE teachers respond to institutional pressures embedded in policy implementation. To achieve this aim, the following research question has been constructed: What types of responses to multiple institutional logics can be interpreted in PE teachers’ narratives about policy implementation? An institutional logics approach is utilized to analyze the data consisting of 16 semistructured interviews, The results show that PE teachers respond in four ways: a) compliance; b) defiance; c) compartmentalization; and d) combination. The paper sheds light on nuances surrounding individual responses to competing institutional pressures and highlights the situations in which PE teachers experience that they need to handle such pressures and negotiation processes surrounding such situations.