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Young Researcher Award 2021 – Call for Papers

Deadline for receipt of submissions

2021 June 11th

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17th EASS Congress: “Sports in the face of the global health crisis of COVID-19. Great social challenges”

Andalucía, Spain

2021 September 7th - 10th

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Call for Abstracts

Greetings from the Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee of the 17th EASS Congress “Sports in the face of the global health crisis of COVID-19. Great social challenges”, of the European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS), which will take place from Córdoba and Sevilla from September 7 to 10, 2021, we inform you that we already have at your disposal all the information related to its celebration.


We encourage you to visit the website to find out in detail all the information about the Congress (, although we provide you with some information of special relevance in this message:

  1. As novelties, the congress will be online and, in addition, on this occasion, although the official language of the congress is in English, contributions in English and Spanish may be presented. In the case of contributions in Spanish, they may only be presented in one of the sessions of the Congress.
  2. The rates will be 75% lower than the usual price, ranging from € 50 the cheapest for students, € 60 for EASS associates, € 70 for members of other scientific societies associated with the Congress (FES, AEISAD, AAS, COLEF, AECD, RIADIS) and € 95 the general rate for non-members.
  3. Please also see, the section Young Researcher Award 2021 –CALL FOR PAPERS, EASS YRA 2021 – Sociology Congress 2021 (
  4. Regarding the key dates, these are the following:


May 30: Deadline for submission of abstracts.

June 11: Deadline for submitting proposals to the doctoral student’s session.

June 25: Abstract acceptance / rejection notification.

July 1: Deadline for early registration.

August 10: Payment deadline for anyone who wants to present at the conference and publish in abstract book.

August 30: End of online registrations.

September 7: Beginning of the congress.

September 10: End of the congress.


As soon as we have designed the scientific program for the Congress, we will publish it on the website ( and disseminate it through our different communication channels.

We hope we can count on your participation.

An affectionate greeting,


David Moscoso and Jesús Fernández. Organizers 17th EASS Congress

Sport Policy & Management report No. 10: Understanding the game: sport participation in Europe

Sport Policy & Management reports is a publication series of the Research Unit of Social Kinesiology and Sport Management, Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, K.U.Leuven. The SPM10-report includes interesting insights in differences in sports participation within Europe as well as methodological debates on comparative research and an overview of the involvement in sport of the European Commission. Data from different European countries and regions, gathered via fact sheets, have a key role in this report (the preliminary results of this comparison have already been made available before, via the SPM-website).

Sport Organisation Research Network (SORN)

The Sport Organisation Research Network (SORN) is an academic community of sport sociologists under the umbrella of the European Association for Sociology of Sport (eass) and has been founded during the eass conference in Cordoba 2013. The aim of the network is to create opportunities for scientific discussion and exchange in order to understand similarities and differences of sport organisations across Europe. For further information as well as for joining SORN please contact its speaker Siegfried Nagel (University of Bern, Switzerland):