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Young Reserach Award 2017 – call for papers!

2017 February 15th

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The values of sport: between tradition and (post)modernity

Prague, Czech Republic

2017 June 14th - 17th

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Sport Policy & Management report No. 10: Understanding the game: sport participation in Europe

Sport Policy & Management reports is a publication series of the Research Unit of Social Kinesiology and Sport Management, Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, K.U.Leuven. The SPM10-report includes interesting insights in differences in sports participation within Europe as well as methodological debates on comparative research and an overview of the involvement in sport of the European Commission. Data from different European countries and regions, gathered via fact sheets, have a key role in this report (the preliminary results of this comparison have already been made available before, via the SPM-website).

Sport Organisation Research Network (SORN)

The Sport Organisation Research Network (SORN) is an academic community of sport sociologists under the umbrella of the European Association for Sociology of Sport (eass) and has been founded during the eass conference in Cordoba 2013. The aim of the network is to create opportunities for scientific discussion and exchange in order to understand similarities and differences of sport organisations across Europe. For further information as well as for joining SORN please contact its speaker Siegfried Nagel (University of Bern, Switzerland):