About eass

Promoting social sciences and research across Europe

The European Association for Sociology of Sport (eass) was established with the aim of promoting closer cooperation and networking between experts dealing with social aspects of physical activity and sport in Europe. This has become particularly important as a new social structure has emerged in Europe, and sport is also affected by changes at the level of ethics, politics, economies, organisations, legislation etc. Scientific analysis of these issues and joint efforts to promote the sociology of sport in Europe are needed, particularly at this historical moment

in time when Eastern European countries have accessed the European Union. The eass is a forum stimulating research, publications and professional development in the area of sport and social sciences. Work in the field examines the role of sport in society as it affects human behaviour, its forms of expression, value systems, and the interrelations of sport with other elements of culture.

This website is kindly hosted by the Department for Sociology of Sport at the University of Vienna.